Manchester Court Manchester Court is a house in the centre of Cheltenham, between the Promenade and the high street, but away from the main thoroughfare of town. There are 22 single rooms, in the house, with a shared lounge on each floor and a large sitting room and dining room on the ground floor. There are also small shared kitchens for people to use, as well as a large kitchen for the whole house. People are supported to live at Manchester court, by a team of enthusiastic and dedicated staff, who will encourage people to live as independently as possible, while supporting them with anything that they may struggle with. Steven who lives at Manchester court, describes it as follows; I came to live here at MC in 2017 Before I moved to Manchester Court in 2017, I was isolated in my own flat. I was nervous at first , but staff helped me. I needed help to get a social life and I needed support with other issues in my life. Staff at MC changed all of that and I have not looked back since then. I now feel open and alive and recharged I have my life back. Staff have helped me to get my confidence back. I am now able to go out and do the things I like independently, like shopping for computer games, my personal shopping etc. I can now do a lot for myself than I did when I first came here, ie bathing, dressing shaving etc, this makes me very happy and proud of myself because of what I have achieved. Staff at MC have helped me to get a mobility scooter, so I can go whenever I like meaning, I have got my social life back. Staff have also helped me to be financially independent to the point that I am now able to do online banking and they have helped me to start saving. Staff at MC are friendly, kind and caring people and I class them like my family. Staff are what makes this place tick. Email Address: Home phone number: 01242 523510 Home manager: Rosemary Mutsinze